Todd Oxner

Oxner + Permar, pllc

Greensboro, North Carolina,  USA.

1- Could you please provide an overall review of how working with Zeus Estudio Digital has impact your business?

Working with Zeus Digital has allowed us to create targeting marketing websites quickly. Additionally the ability to test variations for effectiveness is invaluable to us. They have definitely been a boost to our marketing program.

2- How do you describe your experience working with Zeus Team?

I’ve found Zeus Digital to have all the benefits that my local marketing groups have — quick response time, outstanding design ideas, the desire to think “outside of the box” — without the downsides of delay and inordinate expense.

3- How much pleased are you with designs produced by Zeus Team?

We found the design suggestions from Zeus to be absolutely top-notch. Not only do they look good but they are effective. The new sites perform significantly better than our older, non-Zeus Digital, sites they replaced.

4- Are you willing to continue do business with Zeus in the future?

Not only am I willing to continue working with Zeus I asked them just last week to develop another site for us. You cannot go wrong with them.