Tyler Sookochoff


Lift Cannabis Co.

Vancouver, CANADA

1- Tell us a little more about you?

My name is Tyler and I live in Vancouver. I’m the Director of Marketing for a manufacturer in the agricultural industry, and I also run an internet startup in the medical field.

2- What does it mean for you to work with Zeus Estudio Digital team?

Through both my jobs, I have a wide variety of needs in terms of graphic and web design, and Yamileth and her team have become an indispensable resource. They consistently product quality work, often on very strict timelines.

3- How long have you been working with Zeus Estudio?

I believe we’ve been working together for over two year now.

4- Do you plan to continue working with us? why?

I absolutely plan to continue working with Zeus Estudio Digital. They’re a group of individuals that I can count on to bring creative and unique designs to the table, and then to get the job done on time, and on budget.

5- Why you recommend us?

I have worked with numerous graphic designers over the years. Many were good (and some were not so good), but none had the unique set of skills that Zeus have. They are special, and his work exemplifies the passion and dedication they puts into each and every project they involved in. Her designs are fresh, and they are more than a pleasure to work with. Zeus team listen carefully to feedback and incorporates it rapidly into revisions – and they continue to do so until the client is 100% satisfied. And that describes my relationship with ZED: 100% satisfied.

I would recommend Zeus Team to anyone looking for creative and professional designs from a friendly and accommodating company.

Thanks Tyler! your are the best.

It’s true 😉